June 20, 2022

Summer is officially here and it’s time to enjoy some fun in the sun! BBQs, swimming at pool parties, going on road trips or vacations- all of these are great ways to blow off steam and enjoy the season. Let’s make sure that you’ve checked all the boxes for your summertime safety – sunscreen isn’t the only protection you need right now!

Protecting Your Home

Summer is a great time to have friends and family over to enjoy the sunny days outside! This could be for cookouts or swim parties, fireworks, or even puppy play dates – here are some tips for keeping your home cool under this heat!

  • Inside

    • Dryer Vents – Make sure to clean out your vents during the warmer months. Your home is going to be especially hot and dry right now, and this could mean big trouble for your dryer. The lint that builds up in the vents is especially risky right now because of this, so make sure to clean out your vents to prevent laundry-related house fires.

    • Door and Window Locks – Warmer nights can make for bolder break-ins, so make sure that your windows and doors are secure. This is an especially good tip to check off before going away for trips or vacations this summer.

    • Frayed Wiring – Hanging out outside usually comes with using outdoor lights more, or maybe renting inflatables for parties. After years of wear and tear (as well as periods of going from winter to summer without being checked), outdoor cables, extension cords, and electrical outlets can degrade and pose a serious threat to your home’s-and-your safety. Replace fuses in outdoor appliances and outlets, and replace any cables that show signs of damage.

    • Furnace Filters – Just like with your dryer vents, remember to replace your home’s heating system’s filters as well. Again, the drier air and warmer weather can make stray lint and debris especially flammable, so remember to replace any filters in the home that can present a risk for fires.

  • Outside

    • BBQs/Fires – BBQs in the day or campfires at night, nothing says summer more than cooking outdoors with friends. These are obviously sources of fire though, so make sure that your BBQ doesn’t have a rusted bottom for coals to fall out of and burn your guests or your home. Store your coals and lighting fluid or propane tanks in a secure place to prevent accidental ignition. Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby to put out any fires caused by stray sparks (DO NOT use water on grease fires).

    • Pools and Trampolines – These fun accessories are great ways to cool down or blow off steam in the summer heat. They’re also safety risks if not managed properly. Make sure that you have trampolines and pools listed on your homeowner's policy to avoid expensive repair and liability claims doing damage to your wallet. Always make sure that they are safe to use and keep an eye on anyone enjoying them so that both that AND your insurance stay out of danger.

    • Decks and Treehouses – Outdoor wood is exposed to rapid wetting and drying, heating and cooling, and these can cause splintering, rotting, and warping. These damaging forces can cause screws and nails to come loose as well as the planks to break under pressure, so make sure that your wooden features are healthy and safe for use before a major splinter causes a major claim!

Protecting Your Vehicle

Summer time is a great season for traveling! Driving with the windows down and music blasting is a scenic image in many of our minds, so let’s make sure your vehicle is prepared for the warm road ahead!

  • Rentals

    • If you’re renting a vehicle for travel this summer, make sure to get the rental insurance offered. A stray pebble on the highway can cost you a pretty penny in windshield repair, and a flat tire on the side of the road and hold up more than your arrival time. Tire repair and replacement as well as towing fees are important things to keep in mind when you weigh the risk of not paying for the extra protection on your rental, but the smaller cost upfront will pay off in the long run if something major happens. The VALUE of having this peace of mind definitely outweighs the COST.

  • Personal Vehicle

    • The same can be said for your own vehicle if you’re using it for trips, or just in general! Make sure to strongly consider the benefit of adding the bells and whistles to your auto policy, because these are going to be sorely missed when you need them but don’t have them. Also, make sure your car itself is in good condition before going on long trips – get your tires rotated, pressure checked, or replaced if needed. Make sure your tank is filled up and your oil is healthy to prevent avoidable mishaps on the road.

    • If you are leaving your vehicle at home while you travel, make sure your glad and property are protected too. It’s a shame, but it is possible that someone may break into your vehicle while you are away, and the damages to your car, as well as to your wallet, can be a big pain in the bank. If your property is stolen out of your vehicle while you’re away, or if your vehicle itself is snatched, it is definitely better to have the coverage to recover or replace the losses than to be left without it.

Having to deal with home or auto claims can put a seriously sour twist on sweet summer fun, so we hope that these tips help keep your home and auto's safety in mind! We want to make sure that you are safe and cared for, and if you do have to make a claim in the unfortunate case that something happens, we hope you know we are here for you!

If you would like to learn more about protecting your home, click here to check out our home insurance page! You can also click here to visit our auto insurance page and learn more about keeping your auto safe and smooth this summer!

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