Our Story

Where We Came From

At Lofton Wells, we’ve been serving the Memphis, TN area for over 38 years and counting...and we’re mighty proud of it! It all began in 1982, when Harry Lofton had a dream to form more than just an insurance agency — he wanted to create an insurance family. Following in her father’s footsteps, Pamela Lofton Wells, our current owner, started at Lofton Wells Insurance in 1993 to continue to grow the family business. And so, Lofton Wells Insurance was born!

Back then, we had no idea it would lead to so many amazing business connections and relationships. Since then, we have grown to represent over 20 insurance companies, giving our customers a better variety of choices, so they can purchase the insurance option that works for them, not just us! We believe in the quality of our service so much that, over the years, we have also extended our service area to support and serve customers beyond our beloved Memphis region. Because we are a family, for us, “just fine” is not an option, and this shines through with the service and insurance products we offer.

We prefer to go above and beyond all expectations to ensure our customers receive the full care and coverage they need. We believe in going the extra mile, whether that means extending discounts, meeting you at home (or wherever you are), or just truly being there for our clients. Because of Harry and Pam’s reputation for putting people first, we have become a “one-stop-shop” for all personal and commercial insurance needs, as well as an upstanding pillar in our community. Our motto is “Protecting the Branches of Life,” and we take it seriously. We have always offered premium insurance policies to protect every aspect of our clients’ lives and supplement it by always going the extra mile in being there for our clients. And that’s something that will never change!

Our belief system is why we will continue to stand out from your average insurance agency for years and years to come.

Why do Business with Us

We understand that everyone’s life is busy — between the never-ending family responsibilities and work commitments — you barely have time to try to squeeze in a moment for yourself. And with all this on your plate, when are you ever going to have time to worry about how to protect everything that matters most? You need an insurance agency that not only protects, but cares. And that’s where we come in! We will be there to ensure things goes right in life, and when it doesn’t, we’ll bet here with the protection and coverage you need that covers all your unique needs to help you recover.

At Lofton Wells, we go beyond people’s needs and expectations to provide the best possible insurance. We do not just sell insurance products and services. Instead, we talk through the details of our clients’ personal and business lives and partner with each client to ensure they’re satisfied. No cookie-cutter policies here! We care for each of our clients in a way most insurance companies don’t, and we’re always there to help with a simple phone call, text, or email. We’re always ready to meet up in person if your situation changes or if you just need to talk about managing your daily risks and insurance needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients find a solution that suits their needs!

Building strong relationships with our clients is our top priority, and we believe that our top-notch insurance products and services will inspire our clients to share their experiences with others and help us grow. So, why do business with us? Because we pride ourselves on forming strong, lasting relationships with our clients through providing excellent customer service and insurance policies, and we want to do the same for you!

Where We are Going

We believe in greatness, and that’s why our team is composed of the best of the best — from our salespeople to our fantastic hospitality associate duo, Harley and Zoey Wells (our two beloved dogs). Every member of our team is highly experienced in and knowledgeable about insurance needs, and while those are two of the most coveted qualities in the insurance industry, the best by far is their willingness to extend themselves to go above and beyond to help our amazing clients.

We are rooted in Tennessee, but we’ve grown to provide coverage across a dozen other states, too (because with products and services this good, you just have to share them!). Today, we are licensed in a total of 13 states — that’s Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas, and, of course, Tennessee. And while that’s a lot of ground to cover, it won’t stop us! Our extremely dedicated staff is ready to do whatever it takes to ensure all our clients are always fully covered! While 38 years is a long time to have offered premium services and products, we want to be around a lot longer.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best services and products. They have come to know us as a trustworthy, friendly, and reliable agency, and though we always do our best job, we’re always striving to do better. In a world where things are changing constantly, it’s our duty to keep up the pace and continue to be a strong leader in the insurance industry.

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