Pet Business Insurance

Pet business insurance for the unique needs of your operations.

If your business focuses on pets, consider pet business insurance.

Pet businesses should consider insurance coverage.

There are many different types of businesses in the pet industry. You might own a retail establishment, a non–profit that handles pet adoptions, a training business, a grooming shop, or something else. Whatever services your business offers for pets and their owners, one thing is for certain—you should consider pet business insurance that offers coverage for the unique needs of your operation.

The location of your pet business matters.

A brick–and–mortar establishment will need insurance coverage for the business’s physical location, which could be a storefront, a training facility, a groomer shop, or a kennel. You’ll need to protect the building and its contents, and you’ll want general liability coverage for any accidents that could occur on your property or damages caused by an employee, especially since you’re likely to have high foot traffic. If you’re on the move often, such as a mobile grooming service or a pet trainer who makes house calls, your needs won’t be the same.

Your handling of animals could require specific coverage.

If you allow pets in your establishment, you run the risk of someone’s animal injuring another person or animal, even if they are being handled by their owner. If you take animals into your own care, custody, or control, whether in your location or for transport, you’ll need specific coverage called animal bailee insurance to offer financial protection in the event that something happens to an animal while in your care.

The products you sell could put you at risk.

If you sell food, toys, or accessories for pets, you could be held responsible if an animal is hurt or sickened by one of your products. Groomers could be sued if an animal becomes injured because of a certain shampoo. While the manufacturers will likely bear responsibility, you could be named in a lawsuit, which would be expensive to defend. Having proper liability insurance may help cover those costs, as well as any damages you are responsible for.

What types of businesses need pet business insurance?

If you operate a business that deals with pets, you’ll likely need specialized coverage. This includes groomers, kennels, pet stores, pet trainers, veterinarians, non–profits, and more.

What is animal bailee insurance?

This is coverage for pet businesses that take their customers’ pets into their care, custody, and control and helps cover the costs related to the injury, death, or loss of a pet.

Don’t forget the standard business coverages.

There are some business insurance products you’ll likely need, regardless of your industry. Commercial umbrella insurance offers protection beyond the limits of some of your other policies. Business auto insurance is vital if your business owns a vehicle or your employees use their personal vehicles to perform work duties. A cyber liability insurance policy offers protection against the financial losses associated with data breaches. These are some examples of how your niche business still needs general coverage for your day–to–day operations.

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