Memphis Home Insurance

<b>Insure Your Memphis Home Right Here, Right Now</b>

Insure Your Memphis Home Right Here, Right Now

Where do you start when you’re looking for best value home insurance in Memphis?

Answer: Right here at Lofton Wells Insurance.

Why? Because you want a local independent agent who knows Memphis, who will shop around for the best deal for you, and who will be here for you when you need help.

You want an experienced agent who knows Memphis homeowners insurance inside out and back to front. That’s us. We’ve been protecting homeowners and renters in Bartlett and across the city of Memphis for more than three decades.

You don’t want rock-bottom cheap -- that rarely works -- but you want the most competitive rates available for reliable home insurance in Memphis. As an independent agent, we work with all the leading insurers and, with latest tech to support us, we know instantly where to find the best rates.

We can also secure valuable discounts based on your home location, security arrangements and the amount of deductible (the money you pay yourself before insurance kicks in) you want.

You want to be able to talk directly, face-to-face if you prefer, with a local expert when you have a question about Memphis home insurance, or when you need to make a claim. Pick up the phone or come on down to our office at Stage and Elmore and get instance action, not some anonymous, disinterested rep in a distant city.

Furthermore, different states may have slightly legal requirements and wording for policies, so you want someone who knows what’s required right here.

In addition, homeowners structural insurance is based on the cost of rebuilding your home, not its market value. So you need an agent who’s plugged into local rebuilding rates.

A Quick Overview of Home Insurance in Memphis

At Lofton Wells, we don’t just pull your insurance policy off a shelf. We customize our Memphis home coverage to exactly meet your needs.

So, in addition to the protection that comes with a standard policy -- protection for the structure and contents of your home and coverage for your legal liability for damage or injury (including dog bites!) -- we offer additional coverage options that may save you significant amounts of money in the future.

For instance, your Memphis homeowners insurance program can be customized to take account of:

  • Any special requirements stipulated by your mortgage lender
  • Coverage for full replacement cost or actual value
  • Additional protection above standard limits of your main policy
  • Insurance for items that may not be covered in a standard policy, like sewer back-ups
  • Special coverage for valuable items like jewelry and antiques
  • Flood insurance and protection against other natural disasters

We’ll pinpoint areas where you may need this type of protection. BUT, we won’t ever ask you to pay for coverage you don’t need. We’ve built our reputation on 32 years of honesty and integrity.

Renters Insurance in Memphis Too

Just because you don’t own you home, doesn’t mean that you don’t need the protection of home insurance too.

While your landlord should have coverage for your building structure, you should also have protection against loss or damage to the contents of your rental home in Memphis, and for the same liability protection that homeowners need.

Memphis renters insurance costs significantly less than a homeowners policy. And, again, your policy can be customized to take account of some of the items we’ve listed above.

Get Your Memphis Home Insurance Now

While insuring a home and contents in Memphis is not a legal requirement, you’d be crazy not to have it. And if you’re buying your house or apartment, your lender will almost certainly insist you have coverage.

Even if you already have a policy, are you sure you’re getting best value and that you have the protection you actually need?

At no cost or commitment, Lofton Wells can review an existing policy or provide a fast quote on new coverage for a home in Memphis.

All you have to do is contact us via this page, email, or phone. Or call in to our office. We’ll do the rest.

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