In this technologically driven world, businesses increasingly rely on technology to keep themselves up to date and relevant. This need will only continue to grow, as will the need for a strong cyber liability policy for Memphis businesses. More and more information is being stored and transferred electronically and risks to this information grow just as fast. A stolen phone or laptop opens the door to hacked accounts and threatened information, which could result in the compromised data of thousands of clients and the destruction of your credibility. Lofton Wells Insurance understands this, and we want to protect you and your information from the predators of cyberspace.


Whether you work for yourself or for a larger company, protecting your Memphis business is a necessity. As a growing metropolitan city, Memphis is drawing in more business from national corporations, and although those companies may be protected on a larger scale, your operations locally need to meet the same standards.


  • Intellectual Property Rights – A company’s online presence is created through its published material, whether that is on social media, their website, or blogs. The dangers faced by print publishers are the same as those who publish online– plagiarism, libel, defamation, copyright or trademark infringement, just to name a few.
  • System Failure – Damages to your system, whether through online or physical activity, can cause loss of data and code for both your clients here in Memphis and afar. While physical damages would be handled by your business liability policy, a cyber liability policy would cover the code and data loss.
  • Data Breaches – Hackers are an ever-increasing risk to cyber security, and the pose a strong threat to you and the client information you are trusted with. Make sure that these breaches don’t effect your Memphis business.
  • Damage to Third Party Systems – Should your system be compromised with a virus and damages the software you provide, or sends an infected email that crashed the system of a customer, these are losses for the third party and you could be held liable for the damage.
  • Business Interruption – As technology is an integral factor in modern business, the loss of that technology can wreak havoc on your company. The losses accrued from this lapse in technological ability can affect not only you, but your Memphis and abroad clients as well.
  • Cyber Extortion – Hijacked websites, data and networks held hostage, threats to sell or spread private information; all of these are in the arsenal of weapons used by today’s hackers. Protection for your Memphis business against these threats are necessary for any company who keeps the sensitive data of clients.

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When you insure through Lofton Wells Insurance, you gain the benefits of our knowledge and insurance industry contacts that could make significant savings. As a local brokerage, we understand the risks in Memphis and the way that her companies operate. We can provide that personalized Memphis understanding and courtesy that will help make your policy even more comfortable for you. Call us today for a quote. 

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