What Insurance would The Easter Bunny need?

What Insurance would The Easter Bunny need?

April 08, 2020

You may not think of the Easter Bunny as a businessman, but much like his seasonal cohort Santa Claus, he prepares all year for one very important night of work. All around the world children go to sleep and wake up to thoughtfully positioned eggs and chocolates, and then collect together for a greater hunt. How does Mr. Hopper get all of this done in one night? What were his sale margins last year and what are the hurdles he must overcome this quarter to meet his goals? What exactly goes into his business of Easter Insurance? Well, for legal reasons we can’t discuss all of Mr. Hopper’s affairs, but here are a few examples of what goes into the coverages that the Easter Bunny would need.

Big Business, Bigger Coverage

Everybody loves chocolate in one form or another. Whether it is the common milk chocolate variety, or the niche products like dark or dairy-free, there is a flavor for everybody. But how does someone find out what they like? Trial and error. And what happens if that trial end up in the discovery of a nut-allergy? Liability claims. As a family owned business with his hundreds of bunny offspring, the Easter Bunny must be prepared for legal issues due to the high risk of contamination. Whether it comes from worker-error or consumer-error, the fact of the matter is that he must have a strong Product Liability coverage in place in case the worst should happen.

And speaking of which, how does he insure his employees? Well, he obviously has an amazing Workers Compensation package! Should any of his bunny-minions hop and fall on the job, or be injured during egg-delivery, the Easter Bunny has to make sure that he is prepared for any unfortunate mishap, especially when deliveries are being made world-wide.

Clean Up in Chocolate Room 3 – System Meltdown

But what if there is a problem with production? Working with chocolate mixers and egg-mold presses can be a very sticky business, and so Mr. Hopper needs to make sure that should any of his machinery fails, he can cover the costs when he places an immediate repair order to the North Pole. His Business Insurance package will include a strong Equipment Breakdown coverage that will cover the cost of repairs and replacement, as well as replacement cost for lost or damaged merchandise.

Chocolate Can be Sweet, or It Can be Bitter

Now that the employees and the machinery is covered, how do we make sure that competitors don’t come after the designs and secret recipes that make these magical Easter goodies so wonderful? Designs and recipes that are trademarked and integral to Easter Bunny Productions are covered by Mr. Hopper’s Copyright and Libel coverages. Should a competitor allege that the Easter Bunny himself has stolen their product designs, or should they try to steal his trademarked recipes, these coverages make sure that he will be covered for the legal matters that this would entail, and compensated for any defamation to character and subsequent damage to his business. His Umbrella Policy will also make sure that any further legal costs above the amount covered in these policies will be handled as well.

Time to Celebrate – Easter’s Special Event Insurance

Once the eggs are delivered, the hunt is on! Easter is always a special affair and has many social events based around it. For these times, special event insurance will be needed. As a festive fellow, the Easter Bunny likes to throw big bashes to celebrate a successful season- this means that caterers, musicians, entertainers, and everyone else who makes these shindigs special will need to be covered. And should any injuries happen during the Great Egg Hunt, like the Bouncy Hutch suddenly start to deflate or someone drinking too much “Hot Chocolate”, the costs for these damages will rest with Mr. Hopper.

The Calm After the Storm – The True Meaning of Insurance

One would think that only working for one season out of the year would be a dream job. But when production demand increases over hundreds of years and the size of the business grows regularly by hundreds of employees, the stress can build up. What helps the Easter Bunny keep his calm is knowing that should something arise during this intense season of productivity, his insurance will be there to help him recover quickly and fully so that Easter can go on as planned, sweet and smooth as ever.

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