12 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe on the 4th of July

12 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe on the 4th of July

July 01, 2021

Independence day is fast approaching, and while we may mark our calendars for a day of barbeque and fun, our pets mark theirs for a long night of scary loud bangs that they can’t locate. So how can we help our furry friends remain calm while also enjoying the festivities to the fullest? Here are 12 tips for keeping your pets safe during the 4th of July!

  • Daytime Activities

    • Barbeque is for people, not pets!

      • Although your BBQ seasoning skills may be immaculate, you don’t have to prove it to your pet. Common seasonings like onion and garlic are toxic to your pets and even though they may love a spare piece of what you’re cooking, the upset tummy and possible vet visit will really dampen the event. Keep in mind undercooked foods can also be toxic to both people AND pets and should be kept out of the way of consumption.

      • Drinking is also a common factor in celebratory summer days, but alcohol is toxic to animals and can cause disorientation and poisoning. Keep an eye on your beverages and make sure to keep pets away from any spilled drinks.

      • Lighter fluid and matches are also quite dangerous for your animals. Spilled lighter fluid can poison your animals and cause painful irritation on their skin or eyes, as well as getting sick from the fumes. Pets may also try to chew on any spilled or discarded matches that they may come across, and these can become lodged in their throats or digestive tracts and be a major problem. Be aware of your combustible materials in general, but especially around animals.

    • Hot days are for hotdogs, not hot dogs

      • Now that we are in the thick of summer, spending time in the pool is a favorite activity. Just like with people, pets also enjoy taking a dip in the water to cool off. Some animals and breeds are better swimmers than others, so make sure to keep an eye on your furry friends if they get in the water. Treat them like you would younger swimmers- keep an eye on them, make sure there is an exit easily accessible, and use floatation devices if necessary (yes, they make floaty vests for pets).

      • If you aren’t near a pool to cool off, make sure to watch out for heat exhaustion and dehydration. Long-haired pets, pets of a darker color, and heavier or older pets all heat up quite quickly, so make sure that they have access to shade and cool water to help rehydrate and escape the heat.

      • Sunscreen and bug sprays are also big factors today and DEET is quite toxic to animals. Make sure that these are kept away from curious pets who have a tendency to chew on or eat things, but also keep in mind that bugs can be a big factor in your pet’s health. Mosquitos are a large carrier of heartworms and tics can cause all manner of illness for your pets, so keep them protected with up-to-date medications and defensive bug-repellent collars.

  • Evening Activities

    • As the evening winds down, take the time to exercise with your pet. This is a great chance for a walk or a last burst of energy in the pool before heading inside. This help tire them out and help them relax before the fireworks begin. If they can sleep through the flashes and bangs, it means much less worry for both you and them.

    • When the glowsticks and sprinklers come out, keep in mind that they may look like a lot of fun to both humans and pets. The glow sticks may look like a fun chew toy and sparklers can drop embers that remain hot even after their light goes out. Make sure to keep a bucket of water on hand to put out any sparklers after they go out and pick up any discarded glow sticks, making sure to throw them away if you don’t want them any more or they break. There is glass-like material inside the stick and these, as well as the fluid, can cause major damage if ingested.

  • Nighttime Activities

    • Now that they are inside and rested, the goal is to keep them as relaxed as possible while the fireworks go on outside.

      • The first step with this would be to keep them in a quiet room, one that has as little exposure to the sounds and lights as possible.

      • Making them a comfy nest out of their bed, a blanket and some toys will help them to feel familiar and secure.

      • The best way to assure them that there is nothing to worry about is to behave as normally as possible. Don’t over-console them because this will alert them to something being out of the ordinary, but play with them a bit to show that you aren’t worried and then go about your normal behaviors.

      • Put on some background noise like a TV, playlist, or white noise machine. You may want to stay away from the radio, just in case the hosts use firework sounds during their shows.

      • Consult your vet about how to best calm and console anxious pets. They may suggest anti-anxiety medications for especially nervous animals, but there are also options like CBD treats to help relax them in more isolated situations like these if they don’t typically have an anxious disposition.

The point of the evening is to have a good time and to celebrate with family and friends. We have to keep in mind that while we understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, our animal family members and friends do not. Let’s make sure that everyone has a good night by being conscious of what we leave around and how we care for everyone during the celebrations. After all, if they end up getting sick or freaking out and wreck the house, neither they nor you are going to have much fun. So make sure to care for your pets today, and everyone will have an awesome Independence Day.

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Have a great 4th of July!