Memphis Small Business Insurance

Protection and Partnership: Your Key to Memphis Business Success

You want your Memphis business to thrive. And you want to protect what you've already got. So do we.

Because when it comes to small business success in Memphis, your future growth is more likely assured through a partnership between you and your sweat equity and the expertise of an established Memphis business insurance agent.

Business insurance in Memphis is not a nice-to-have. It's essential. But you don’t want to overpay or over-insure. You want a custom plan tailored precisely to your needs, competitive rates, and first-rate customer service.

You also want a small business insurance service on your doorstep, right here in Memphis. That way, you're working with experts who know and understand the Memphis business market, local regulations and the risks that go with them.

Plus, you have the choice of face-to-face contact with those experts -- not an anonymous rep on the end of a long-distance phone line.

You'll get all this and more when you choose to work with us here at Lofton Wells Insurance. It's a service we've provided to scores of successful small firms in Memphis across many years.

Why You Need Small Business Insurance in Memphis

Every year, businesses in Memphis face closure because of some unforeseen and costly incident. They may get sued, suffer a disastrous fire, experience a data breach or any one of a myriad other perils.

If they're not insured, or they don't have the right coverage, chances are they'll go out of business.

If they're properly insured, that should never happen.

The Lofton Wells Insurance Memphis Small Business Insurance Program

Over many years, we've developed a flexible and cost-competitive program that we tailor to the individual needs of our Memphis clients.

Options include:

  • Commercial general liability insurance -- to protect you against lawsuits and other legal matters.
  • Commercial property and contents insurance -- to cover your premises (if you own them) and all contents against perils like fire, theft, vandalism and more.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance -- please see our separate page (((insert link)))
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O) and professional liability coverage.
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) to protect against wrongful treatment of employees and job applicants.
  • Workers' comp insurance (mandatory for most Memphis firms with more than five employees)
  • Cyber liability insurance to protect against the huge costs of dealing with a data breach. Small firms are a major target.
  • Memphis umbrella insurance -- to increase the financial limits of standard policy coverage.

There are many other types of optional coverage -- for example: liquor liability, malpractice coverage, special events insurance, product liability and many more.

Everything depends on the unique needs of your business. That's why you need local expertise to build a protection plan just for you -- yet one that is flexible enough to adapt to your changing requirements.

About BOP Insurance in Memphis

For some Memphis firms, there's potentially a great way to save time and money and simplify your insurance.

It's called a Business Owners Policy, or BOP for short. It combines liability and property insurance into a single policy and, as these are probably the most essential elements of protection, a Memphis BOP might be the ideal solution for you.

It can even be added to with endorsements to cover any special needs of your Memphis business.

Here at Lofton Wells Insurance, our experts can advise you on whether a BOP is the best route for your protection.

10 Reasons Why Lofton Wells Insurance is Your Best Bet for Memphis Small Firms Insurance

If you're in any doubt, here's why it's best to come to Lofton Wells Insurance for your Memphis small business coverage:

  1. We're local but with nationwide expertise and knowledge.
  2. We have an established reputation for reliability and value.
  3. We can advise you on risk management for your business.
  4. We're independent -- not tied to one insurer.
  5. This enables us to shop around and identify the best coverage.
  6. We can often negotiate discounts for elements like higher deductibles.
  7. We can usually arrange staged premium payments.
  8. Initial consultations and quotations are free of charge.
  9. We provide support and advocacy if you need to file a claim.
  10. We constantly watch the Memphis insurance market, looking for better coverage and rates.

Need We Say More?

If you're looking for business insurance in Memphis -- whether you're a first timer or reviewing existing coverage -- contact us now by filling out the form below. We're your partners and we're here to save you time and money.

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